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Wedding Entertainment in Bristol from Disco.Uk.Com There are a number of different types of entertainment available for weddings from the traditional disco through to live bands. This can be an important part of a wedding day so you should consider this carefully and choose the right entertainment to suit your needs. The Importance of Wedding Entertainment Once the formal proceedings of the wedding are over one of the best parts of the day is the evening reception. This gives everyone the opportunity to relax and enjoy celebrating the happy union of the married couple. Many people will have travelled a long way to attend the wedding to it is important to thank them for their efforts by providing them with some good food and entertainment. Big events such as weddings may be some of the only times a whole family gets together so it is important to provide a comfortable, pleasant environment for everyone to relax and socialise. Live music and other entertainments can really get parties going and create a great atmosphere, so this is a good investment to make sure your big day goes smoothly and is enjoyable. Types of entertainment Think about what sort of wedding you are having and what entertainments would enhance your big day. To help you decide here are just a few of the different entertainments you could choose from: • Garden Games – if you are having a garden or outdoor wedding then you can encourage everyone to enjoy the beautiful surroundings with some outdoor games. You can hire traditional games such as croquet, skittles and boules and there are also some fun ‘giant’ garden games such as Connect4 and Jenga available for hire. • Musicians – there are a wide range of different musicians on offer from jazz bands through to string quartets. Book well in advance as the popular performers will be in great demand during the main summer wedding season. Think about the type of wedding you are having and what people would most enjoy hearing. String quartets are great for formal afternoon affairs but people may enjoy something a little more upbeat for the evening event so they can get up and have a dance. • Magicians, Clowns and Puppet Shows – if a lot of children will be attending your wedding then it can be a nice idea to provide them with their own entertainment. This will also give parents a chance to relax and socialise. • Disco – a traditional disco is great option if you have a wide variety of different people of all ages attending your wedding. A good wedding DJ will be able to play a diverse range of music to suit all tastes and ages and will really liven up an evening event with plenty of classic and modern tracks that everyone can dance to. , where any event can be catered for to make any night special.