Balloon Decorating

Balloon Decorating

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Balloon Decorating and Venue Dressing

Let our team decorate your venue with Balloons, whether it be table centres or balloon columns or big archways in your choice of colour.Balloon decorating In Bristol

    Balloon Decorating

Liven up your party with the highest quality  balloons in the  area. Whether your party is a Sweet Sixteen, Company Party,summer fete, Wedding, Birthday Party or any other special event, our light up balloons are sure to brighten any party. Using our expertise gained from years of experience, we create magnificent balloon creations to enhance your special occasion


Balloon Centre Bunches


Balloon Centerpieces

Balloon centerpieces come in a variety of different styles and can transform a room instantly. Some of the styles include simple but elegant balloon bouquets, balloons inside balloons, and our favorite 36” balloons. 36” sparkle balloons with tulle and LED lights create a magical fantasy atmosphere, while the solid colors add a burst of color to any room. Our beautiful 36” agate marble balloons are another impressive way to decorate your room.

Balloon Sculptures

Entering the ballroom, our light up, colorful balloon sculptures are guaranteed to enliven your guest’s eyes. They are designed to create a unique experience for your party guests. In the past, we’ve created festive elephant and giraffe sculptures for safari themed parties, and spirited rugby, basketball, hockey, and football sculptures for sports themed parties. Whatever you or your child may be interested in, we will use our creativity to make your imagination come to life.

Balloon Names

Our striking balloon names will instantly bring focus to the guest of honor. Completely customizable, each name is sculpted in the style of your choice, in the colors of your choice and wrapped with twinkle lights for a striking effect.

Balloon Arches

Balloon arches bring color to any room, transforming a normally simple room into a vibrant masterpiece. They can frame your head table or go over a doorway. For an especially exciting entrance ask about how we group three arches together to form a magnificent balloon tunnel.

Balloon Columns

Our vibrant balloon columns are designed to perfectly complement your space. These columns can be made in any height or width to fit your room and style. Use them to frame a doorway, add bursts of color around your room, or to highlight a special area in the room.

Exploding Balloon Releases

Make your party majestic with an exploding balloon release. The release consists of a large balloon filled with hundreds of smaller balloons and sometimes confetti, which by the push of a button are released over the dance floor for a surprise special effect. Exploding balloons will bring the fun and excitement of your party to a whole new level. We also do traditional balloon net releases, which allow larger sized balloons to be dropped and spice up your party.

Balloon Walls

Balloon walls serve a variety of functions. They can be used as dramatic backdrops, room dividers, or to cover an unsightly area of your room. Like all of our balloon creations, walls add color and light to any room.

Ceiling & Dance Floor Décor

Our spectacular ceiling and dance floor décor are created to transform your room instantly. If you’re looking for a way to make a huge statement at your event, framing out your dance floor or draping your ceiling is sure to do that. Loose balloons on the ceiling with shimmer ribbon and lights sparkling beneath them is another great way to make your party truly magical.

Ceiling Balloons

Releasing balloons with shimmer and light up sparkle ribbon over a dance floor creates a spectacular effect. Dropping clusters and dazzle stars from a ceiling is a simple way to make your dance floor festive. Various sized clear balloons hanging from a ceiling will reflect the room lighting for a truly memorable experience.

Balloon Garlands

Balloon Garlands are built like balloon arches and can be swagged and illuminated over a dance floor or used to wrap a column in a room.

Balloon Wrap

A Balloon Wrap is an exciting way to accentuate the dance floor by using a combination of columns, arches and lights. It frames the perimeter of the dance floor and is a great way to make a memorable focal point in your room.

Balloon Gazebo

A Balloon Gazebo is created by using four columns in the corners of the dance floor connected by two crisscrossing single arches enhanced with shimmer ribbon.

Balloon Canopy

Balloon Canopies highlight the dance floor creating a dramatic “dancing under the stars” effect. It is not only fun to dance under, but is also a stunning addition to any room.