Essential dj Equipment

Essential DJ Equipment

Truly Essential DJ equipment.- A disc jockey is like the Pied Piper of a party: he keeps the crowd dancing to the slickest beats. If he loses touch of the momentum (or is plagued by technical problems), the revelers will get bored and complain, thus putting a damper to the affair. Having such a vital role in festive occasions that involve music, he must use the best tools of the trade in order to up the ante, and keep the audience hooked to the ever-changing rhythms. Take a look at the gear that every one involved in this entertaining profession should have:

Turntable and Computer

DJs are not called “pancake turner” for nothing. It is because of this former equipment that they got labeled with that nickname, and thus is a very symbolic gadget. Vinyl records can be played on this machine, which allows one to mix the sound. Although PCs have rapidly taken over the role of this instrument, many still use it. A laptop, the more portable option, can be uploaded with the appropriate software that allows mixing. One can select songs and churn them out of the speakers with just a few clicks.Truly Essential DJ equpment.


This blocks out external noises, and allows the disc jockey to listen to tracks, as well as blend and cue them while producing other samples or music. The best devices are those with high-quality, lightweight, and closed designs. This helps minimise discomfort, as a party can go on for hours. Truly Essential DJ equpment.

Sound System

Excellent ones can produce a great variety of effects, some of which may not be detected with inferior models. DJs should have two speakers, and a woofer (for low-frequency noises). To control the volume and equalise tones, there should be a mixing board. An amplifier helps increase the power and loudness.Truly Essential DJ equpment.


Having fixtures that can be automatically synchronised to move with the music add an exciting edge to the disco.Truly Essential DJ equpment.


This allows the Pied Piper of the celebration to interact with the audience and introduce songs.Truly Essential DJ equpment.

Since these equipment will be subjected to being set up and dismantled quite often, it is wise to get sturdy devices which can withstand the stress of traveling. You do not really have to get all these if you need the services of a DJ, especially if you opt to hire one from firms like Entertainment Direct. Make sure to advise the event organiser of what you need and expect from them so that they can provide you with an unforgettable, and immensely fun mobile disco experience.